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your salon marketing by getting
about who you're talking to

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The CLEARER you are about who you are marketing to,
The MORE EFFECTIVE your marketing will be

If you are convinced that your marketing should be performing better, if you struggle to get your message out to the right people in the right way, it's time to STOP wasting your time and START getting clear about who you're talking to!

Again and again we're told to build a 'customer avatar' to get better business results.  But nobody ever tells you, step by step, how to do it.  That changes today!

In this mini-masterclass I'll show you step-by-step how to build your avatar and I've included an accompanying worksheet you are sure to come back to again and again.

In this simple, step-by-step training I will show you:

  • Why a customer avatar is the rocket fuel you need for your salon marketing
  • How many customer avatars you need
  • How to build a clear picture of your perfect salon customer
  • How to put your avatar to work in your marketing

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Meet Phil Jackson

Building a business isn’t easy. I should know.

I’ve been running my own salon since 2001. I’ve seen most things: resignations, recession, screaming customers. We’re busy people, us salon owners. Coach, mentor, manager – even plumber! It’s no wonder that enjoying my business got left out somewhere along the line.

I’ve enjoyed some great stuff in this industry too: awards, recognition and (finally) financial freedom for me and my family.

Now as my business is at the stage that I can take a step back, I'm determined to help you master the skills you need to grow your business too, to finally generate the profits you deserve and to lead a fuller life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I don't guarantee results - that is up to you.  But I can guarantee that you'll have a clear idea about how to create you're perfect customer avatar at the end of the training, or I'll coach you myself until you do.

The mini-masterclass is delivered in an easy to follow, step-by-step video format with an accompanying downloadable workbook.

The program is designed to help you market your salon business more effectively.  In fact, these principles could be applied to any business, of any size.