Good news if you’re struggling with Salon Social Media

struggling salon social media
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Are you struggling with Salon Social Media?

Social Media can be a good source of high-quality clients, especially in our industry. Yet many business owners find their salon social media can be more than a little overwhelming. I understand why.  We bought into the belief that we had to do everything!  When I started my salon the only place you absolutely had to be was the Yellow Pages.  Then we were told we needed a website.  Then along came social media: Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. We thought we needed to create bespoke content across platforms. Turns out that this can be like a part-time job aside from running your business.

What is Social Media doing for you as a Business?

If you haven’t yet managed to grow your salon over the $200,000 mark, there is no need to search for answers outside the business.  My belief is that the answers are all right there, in the somewhere!  I don’t think you need to add any more marketing pillars. Find what is working for you currently, double down on that rather than investing in something that you feel you ought to be doing.

As for Facebook and Instagram, quite simply you have to be there. If a potential client comes along and they want to do a quick search on what your Salon is all about, the chances are good that they are going to head to Facebook or Instagram. They will want to see recent content which is interesting and engaging.  Put enough content to keep your salon social media ticking over, to make it look fresh and not neglected. Other than that, make your life easier and focus on the stuff in your salon that’s actually working.

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