Setting targets in your Salon

setting targets in your salon
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Setting targets in your salon isn’t easy

But it is important to communicate to your Staff what it is expected to them. Take some time to think it through.  What exactly do you need each member of your team to accomplish?  That also includes support staff too.


Two common problems I see in setting targets in your Salon:

1. Individual targets are not related to your Salon’s target. Involve your accountant when setting your salon target, then make sure that when your team hits their targets, that means you hit our salon target too!

2. Don’t set only one target. When you set your targets, make sure that you have two measures.  Define what excellent looks like.  And define what is unacceptable too.  Set a consequence, positive or negative, for each measure.

In brief, this is what you need to do: go through your salon and figure out a performance standard for each area of performance.  You’ll need at least three or four when it comes to staff performance.  Then for each measure, set a consequence.

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