Salon Email Marketing – it’s time to fall BACK in love!

Get to grips with salon email marketing with salon coach Phil Jackson
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Have you fallen out of love with your salon email marketing? Stopped pressing ‘send’? Or maybe you never got to grips with it in the first place?

We’re an industry that is obsessed with social media. In fact we’ve excluded almost everything else from our marketing calendars. So why am I telling you to go ‘old school’ and start sending email again?

Some benefits are obvious. Others a little more subtle. But if you’re struggling with knowing what to send and how often, take a look at this week’s video.

I’m not talking nuts and bolts here. I just want to give you loving but firm kick into action. It’s time to fall back in love with salon email marketing! You need to spread the great news about your salon services, treatments and products and take advantage of this very neglected platform to position yourself as the expert in your area.

How’s is your email marketing going? I love hearing about your successes. So join the conversation on the Build Your Salon Facebook Page here:

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