Protect your investment: Training Agreements for your Salon Team

training agreement
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A Salon Training Agreement is a contract between you and a Team Member.  They agree to pay back some or all the value of a training course should they leave in a period following the training.

In my Salon, a training agreement lasts for 18 months. I run them on a reducing balance.  If you leave my Salon 6 months after the training, you owe me 2/3 of the value we invested. After 12 months, 2/3 will be paid off and the Team Member owes me 1/3. And after 18 months, the agreement can be ignored.

If you had to enforce one of these agreements, I suspect the court would want to see that reducing balance arrangement. It recognises that your business will have had some benefit from that training course as time goes on.

We invest heavily in our salon team’s ongoing training and development. One of the things that I want to maximise is the amount we need to spend on training so we can up-skill, motivate and inspire our Team Members to deliver the best service possible. And I bet you’re spending lots of money on your Salon as well. What’s important is we protect that investment in the event that somebody decides to leave.  You don’t have to enforce this agreement but this is a very useful tool at the end of someone’s employment.

Disclaimer: I am not qualified to give you any LEGAL advice on agreements or contracts. Always consult with a qualified expert before making any changes in your Salon business.

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