PREMIUM SERVICES: Are you leaving money on the table?

Use premium services to boost salon turnover and maximise each salon bill
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In this video I explain how setting up premium services can boost your salon takings by 10% – without finding a single new customer! NO EXCUSES! You can set up premium services whether you have a big team or you’re a solo operator. Let me tell you more.

I know we don’t come into the salon industry for the money. I love the industry and I can’t imagine working anywhere else, but there are much easier ways to earn the wages that we do. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get paid properly! And to do so, we need to make the most of every opportunity to maximise our salon turnover. I think we can do that best by differentiating the customer experience. Let me explain.

If you are charging just one price, you are assuming that all customers are the same. That they want the same thing. The same experience. And that they see the salon in the same way. You don’t have to think for long about your own clientele to know that is simply untrue. Even in small salons, you see a range of customers who all want something different from us.

I’ve spoken before about tiered pricing as a brilliant way to start differentiating the customer experience. But I also know from your feedback that is tricky in small salons. However, in this week’s video there’s no excuse! This works for salons of all sizes from the largest to the smallest. I will show you how premium services are a great way to boost salon turnover, further differentiate your offering and make the most of every customer.

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