Procrastination – maybe it’s NOT about beating yourself up?

Salon coach Phil Jackson explores why you may need a new approach to tackling procrastination
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Oh, the irony! I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since I recorded any new content. So I’m writing about procrastination. The very hypocrisy! Apologies for that. I feel like I’ve let you wonderful salon owners and managers down very badly.

Thing is, a bad hiring decision paired with my tendency to massively over-react resulted in me throwing ALL of my toys out of the pram. I stupidly let “Petulant Monster Phil” take over for a while to get me through the pain. And then procrastination.

Or so I thought. I let days of delay turn to weeks, then months. I kidded myself that I didn’t need to be writing and recording at all.

As a business coach, I flatter myself that I’m good at motivating people. I’m good at being the tough guy too. I can give you a hefty shove in the right direction if I see you stalling. And I’m not afraid to be unpopular while I do it. But that approach wasn’t working.

Similarly, I usually recommend breaking tasks down, celebrating the small wins. But that wasn’t working either. What was going wrong?

In this week’s video, I share why my ‘beating yourself up’ approach to tackling procrastination was doomed to fail! I had misdiagnosed!

In the end, I guess I’m only human! Anyway, I promise it won’t be so long until the next post. In fact, I recorded it already so it’ll be with you next week. Go me! In the meantime, you can check out my tips on staying motivated when you’re the boss here

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