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changes in your salon business
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Don’t make any changes in your Salon business just for the sake of it

I see this time and time again with the businesses that I’ve visited as a Salon Coach. By all means, look for ideas to improve your experience running your salon. Only make those changes that will make you further towards your medium to long-term goals.


Three avenues that will allow to explore and enhance your experience:


Good examples are Facebook groups that you find which are related to your industry, Training and Seminars that you attend. But just a reminder that we need to consider looking outside our industry for some fresh ideas because there are things that happen in our industry just because it’s just the way things are.


  1. Read more

I read one non-fiction book weekly. How do I do that with my hectic schedule? I’ll teach you my tricks: audiobooks, kindle and instaread.  You might not find stories that entirely relate to changes in your salon business – but success leaves clues!


  1. Look inside your business

If you had your Salon for a couple of years now, my belief is that the answer to most of your problems is already in the Salon somewhere. Look back to the staff that have worked for you before, the marketing campaigns you’ve run that delivered you excellent results and speak to the people inside your team.

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