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Social Media has replaced a lot of things in our modern lives.

The rules of English Grammar, warmth, and authenticity in our human relationships and the need to research something before we pass it on have all gone by the wayside. But one thing I’ve wrongly predicted would decline – BLOGGING. There are still millions of people around the world who share their thoughts by updating their blog. I see a lot of Salon owners trying to build their Salon Blog as part of their online marketing strategy. A few of them get some good traffic and a decent audience for their blogs. But some still struggle to be – consistent and create high-quality content. If the blog is not doing any good for you, you need to step back and think if this needs to be a continuing part of your online marketing strategy.

The big question is on the benefit, time and cost that you need to dedicate to a salon blog.

If you enjoy the process of creating a blog content, it doesn’t matter if you are getting any traffic at all. You need to figure out whether SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or online presence is important to your business. Everybody should have a website and should have a presence when their name is searched on Google. But where you fall in the rankings may or may not be important to you. If lots of your customers find your details on Google, then a blog is a good idea because it helps in SEO. It gives Google more content to index and it loves regular, up to date, high-quality content. If you run your business from Social Media and you don’t invest any time and money in updating your website at all and Google isn’t important to you, then you may decide that a blog can go by the wayside.

A blog is a very useful tool in repositioning your Salon.

If you have high quality, well researched, written blog content, it differentiates you from other Salons. Blogging can be hard work. And nothing is worse than coming across to a Salon blog that hasn’t been updated. So if you can’t commit to updating regularly, don’t bother with blogging at all.

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