Handling dismissals at your Salon

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When it’s time to sack salon staff

It’s a sad reality that if you have a salon team, at some stage you’ll probably need to dismiss somebody or terminate their employment.  I would love to say that after over 17 or 18 years of Salon ownership, it gets easier to sack salon staff, and it doesn’t hurt anymore. But it would be a lie because it does!!
I make sure that I’m involved if I’m terminating someone’s employment. We’re talking about decisions that affect one’s career and it’s absolutely right to take those decisions seriously and to lose a little bit of sleep over it.


My 5 Golden Rules for Terminations and Dismissals

1. Always seek legal advice.
(Disclaimer: I’m not a qualified employment expert, HR expert and legally qualified.) I always make sure that I seek legal advice before I terminate someone’s employment.
2. Terminate as soon as you’ve made your decision.
Don’t prolong the decision once you’ve decided that it’s time to let someone go.
3. I always terminate at the beginning of the day.
I ask the person to come in 10 to 15 mins early and right then and there I terminate them.
4. I never allow anyone to work their notice period in the salon.
Having someone demotivated in the salon is dangerous.  They leave straight away.
5. I always make it a point to offer my help.
Be a great boss, even at the end. Offer any help that you can.
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