Fresh ideas for your salon – where do you get yours?

fresh ideas for your salon
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Generating fresh ideas for your salon is what KEEPS your Salon business a success!

You need to keep up with the latest trends, be aware of what your market is looking for and always search for new ideas if you want your business to outlast the competition.

fresh ideas for your salon

It’s not easy starting a business and it’s even harder to maintain it – to stay at the top of your game. The challenges that you will face being a Salontrepreneur are bittersweet. With today’s technology, we have the world in the palm of our hands. So doing research is as easy as A, B, C, staying connected anywhere in the world is never a hassle and staying updated with the latest news through the world wide web is super easy.

Avenues to explore for fresh ideas for your salon:

  • Support Group

The best way is to join Facebook groups. If you are already part of a Social Media support group, maximise it by asking relevant questions or choose someone who can be your mentor/ coach. Wisely choose a group whose aim is to help one another. If not, leave that group right away or be prepared for a pitch-fest! No point of you staying in that group if you don’t get the support that you need.

  • Read, read and read

Nothing beats a creative mind! Furthermore the most reliable way to sharpen your mind, I have found, is by constant reading. You can read newspapers, magazines or even books. Even better, if you don’t like reading we can turn to audio books for inspiration on the go too.  Don’t let your mind stagnate. It needs continual positive input and challenging ideas. Relate what you are reading back to our industry and your business.  Sometimes, the next great hairstyle or the trending nail colour can come from a completely disconnected idea.

  • Check out your competition

This may sound like a spy mission, but the only way for you to beat your competition is to know them. Look into their services, promotions that they offer and follow them on their Social Media pages. Don’t obsess – and for goodness sake, don’t just copy them.

“Most salons are just breaking even – or worse.  Why would you want to copy them?”   Phil Jackson

  • Follow industry figures

In every industry, there are those industry figures that we look up to.  What’s more, they have a big impact on the direction of our industry as a whole and our individual businesses. Get some ideas from them and apply them to your Salon. Be aware, however, that there’s a huge possibility that their ideas or recommendations might be followed by the majority. While your idea might be riding the cusp of a trend set by an industry authority, it may not be fresh as you hoped it would be when it comes to market.

  • Look outside our industry

Let’s say you want to improve customer service in your salon.  Don’t look for the best example of salon customer service – look instead for the best example IN THE WORLD!  I suspect some of the hospitality providers in the Middle East would knock spots off anything any salon is doing.  In short, be brave – and challenge yourself to adapt and adopt from the furthest reach of your research.

Or maybe you prefer your learning in video form?  Check out this blog on the same subject

Finally, have you got some fresh ideas for your salon you want to brag about?  Don’t keep them to yourself!  Join the conversation on the Build Your Salon Facebook page.

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