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CONGRATULATIONS - you've just found your new tribe

Sometimes we have MORE than enough information - in fact information overload is a very real feature of running our salon businesses.

So if it's not a lack of information, what is going wrong?

It's IMPLEMENTATION!  We're so busy gathering new strategies that we never get around to putting anything into action.  That's where Dynasty can really help.

You'll be part of a group of salon owners who, over time, will get to know you and your business really well.  With their support plus Phil Jackson's expert coaching, you'll:

*** Get organised with your goals
*** Identify exactly what it is you want to achieve
*** FINALLY get things moving in your business
*** EXPLAIN why you haven't achieved what your stated goals, and most importantly . . .
*** Celebrate your wins with a great group of people!

How does the Dynasty program work?

It's simple!   And achingly effective too!

1.  Every Monday . . .

You will submit your goals sheet to Phil.  You'll commit to challenging but achievable goals that move your business forward.  Not sure what to set as a goal?  Don't worry - you'll get advice on that too.

2.  During the week . . .

You implement - finally putting all of your amazing knowledge into action to move your business forward.

3.  Every Friday at 7.30am or 9.00am (your choice) . . .
You'll join a live accountability call with your tribe of salon owners.  The group is the same every week so in no time at all you'll be seeing familiar faces.

During the call EVERYONE  will report back on their week.  As a group we will want explanations for what you didn't achieve and help you celebrate your wins.


The ULTIMATE in accountability for just . . .


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then just $55 a month

Regular pricing

Monthly membership
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$55 a month

$20 joining fee applies

Any questions?

You can attend either of the live calls and change week by week if you want to.

Live calls are every Friday.
Currently live calls are available at 7.30am and 9am UK time.  9am US Eastern (2pm UK) group will launch soon.

The regular fee for Dynasty Accountability is $55 a month, with a one-off joining fee of $20.

For a limited time, you can join and pay just $27 for your first month and NO joining fee.

Dynasty is about accountability and commitment to your success.  The most direct route to better results is to take consistent, daily and weekly action on your goals.  We charge a small joining fee to discourage members from  'dipping' in and out of the program which could lead to poor results.

You are expected to do your best to make it to your accountability call, but we know life can sometimes get in the way.  Please let Phil know if you are likely to miss a call or attend late.

You can cancel at any time if you feel you aren't able to continue with Dynasty.  We cannot guarantee you will be able to rejoin your same group later or pay the same membership fee as before.  Please also note you will need to pay the joining fee again too.

Calls are on Google Meet and are not recorded.

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