It's time to excel.  To soar.  To build the salon of your dreams.

The tools and support you need to reach 250k, 500k, 1m or more.

What you get:

Salon Accelerator is a step by step online training program that gives you proven strategies to grow your salon business to 250k, 500k and beyond without becoming a slave to your business and without losing all signs of work-life balance.

The program is designed to take all of the hard work out of building successful, inspiring salon business today.

No missing steps.  No guesswork.  No overwhelm.

It's time to stop waiting . . .

Who are you waiting for? The economy? The government? COVID?  The last couple of years have been unpredictable ... frustrating ... but it's time to take control.

You don't need permission to succeed 

I know you've had no choice.  You've done all you can - short courses, mini-webinars, bits and pieces.  But mini-courses won't get you big results.  It's time to steer your business.  Jump in the driving seat!

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Ready for a breakthrough year?

Put your business on a sound financial footing for the future.  Price confidently, for profit.
Put strategies in place to bring your business to the next level.
No missing steps.  And no overwhelm.

The perfect recipe for your success

Don't nibble around the edge of success!

SO many programs fail to provide you with a strong foundation to grow from.  Or get you to start implementing without REALLY knowing what you want from your business.  Or focus purely on mindset and fall short with the proven strategies you need to succeed.

The Salon Accelerator method

WE KNOW that getting really clear about WHAT you want to achieve is vital for your motivation and clarity - so we INCLUDE Crystal Clear Goalsetting (worth £495)

WE KNOW that you have to have a firm grasp of the money in your business in order to grow - so we include Get Paid Properly (worth £495)

WE KNOW that striving for the highest standards takes help, so 7 Star brings you proven processes you can take straight into your salon business.

About the program

What is Salon Accelerator?

Salon Accelerator is a coaching program exclusively for salon owners with big ambitions.

No matter where you are when you start, the program will help you build a salon business that supports your bigger dreams and life goals, that puts in place  a firm financial foundation for your continued success and gives you plus-and-play strategies for ambitious growth.

You’ll get support for setting great goals, setting prices with confidence, defining your brand, marketing for growth, recruiting and managing the performance of your team, making the most of your own time by enhancing productivity, bringing systems and procedures into the salon to do the heavy lifting for you, and creating a defined strategy document that outlines your plans without overwhelm.

You have access to twice-weekly group coaching calls and a 24/7 community, which will help you to implement what’s in the program.  Salon Accelerator is everything you need!

What makes Salon Accelerator different from all the rest?

To be clear, Salon Accelerator is not a course.  It is a coaching program with the high-level support and accountability you would expect.

The program includes a number of courses to support you and accelerate your learning, but it is a high-level coaching program.

What sets Salon Accelerator apart from everything else in the market that it builds every aspect of your business - it's not a standalone mini-course that only works on one area in isolation.

All the strategies are proven.  They include the methods Phil has implemented in his own salon (including the lessons from over 20 years of mistakes!) plus the proven strategies from his most successful coaching clients.

So, you are learning from someone who has been there, built from scratch and encountered all the challenges you are currently facing.  You don't have to do this on your own!

What is the investment to join the program?

Salon Accelerator is designed to help you build a salon business at the 250k - 1m level. You should have short-term goals of reaching at least 100k.

To build a business at that level takes a sizeable financial commitment investment as well as your time and energy, so be ready for that.

The majority of our clients see business growth very quickly, but this is not a get-rich-quick program.  It is designed to help you build a sustainable business with impressive long-term ambitions.

There will be moments of uncertainty, fear and doubt, and you will hit challenges and have setbacks. We are here and ready to support you whilst you go through any of these times.

As far as training costs for the program, our clients invest at different levels and we will go over the options with you on your strategy call to find the best solution for you.

Is Salon Accelerator right for me?

For you to decide whether Salon Accelerator is the right program for you and you’re the right person for us, the next step will be to book a strategy call, attend the strategy call, and we will assess your situation and see if we can help you.

If you’re a good fit, then we will invite you to join us. If you’re not a good fit, we will point you in the direction of what we think is the best path for you.

We only work with people we know we can help and the only way to find out if you are one of those people is to book a call immediately.

Will it work?

The reason that we get success with our clients is because people come into the program and they listen, and they do the work needed.

You have to be 100% committed - because when YOU are 100% committed and WE are 100% committed, we get incredible results.

But if you're going to come in, try it out and see if it'll work for you without being 100% committed, it won't work.  This program is not for dabblers - if you come into the program in a serious way, you get serious results.

Find out more on your FREE Strategy Call (worth £300)


Crystal Clear Goalsetting - KNOW WITH CERTAINTY what you should be working on

Crystal Clear Goalsetting - KNOW WITH CERTAINTY what you should be working on

WORTH £495

Be the master of your business, not a slave to it, by setting your business goals in alignment with the life you want to lead.

Take control by understanding your role in your success.

Paint the bigger picture of your life and get clear on your goals, dreams and ambitions, so that we build a business that supports your life goals - not one that gets in the way of your dreams.

Bring your dreams and ambitions together and create a 5 year plan, a 12 month plan and a 3 month plan in a simple, logical way.

No more guesswork - the next step on your path to success will be crystal clear!

Take your big ideas and break them down into actionable steps, so there's no confusion and no overwhelm.

This simple process turns your ambitions into bookable appointment slots!


Get Paid Properly - because you can't grow with ambitious strategies without a sound financial base

Get Paid Properly - because you can't grow with ambitious strategies without a sound financial base

WORTH £495

❝Get Paid properly is perfect for people who are scared about their pricing being ‘too high’ and yet are not making any enough money to pay their bills and to live on.❞

Vikki Shelley - Obsession Hair and Beauty

❝It’s what I’ve needed for years.❞

Emma Gatt - The Treatment Rooms

We start by examining your money stories, unpicking your attitude to money and profit.

I challenge you to change your story, so that money becomes a light, easy and fun area of your life and business.

It's time to take away all the fear around money in your business, so that you can start to control the money, rather than money having power over you.

Understand exactly how many customers you need to see each week and each month to cover your costs and make a  profit.

The Get Paid Properly spreadsheet makes compiling these figures a breeze - and that means it's easy to keep them up-to-date too.  This isn't a tool you'll use just once - you'll come back to it again and again.

No more guesswork!  By the end of this module you'll know EXACTLY how much to charge for EVERY service in your salon.

Price confidently - maybe for the first time - and ensure every service is covering your costs and making you a profit.

Stand apart from your competitors and smooth your cashflow with salon memberships.  You'll have the unique opportunity to learn salon memberships from the coach who knows them better than ANYONE else.  The coach who literally wrote the book on it!


Build YOUR 7-Star salon.  Proven strategies and learning for your ongoing success

Build YOUR 7-Star salon.  Proven strategies and learning for your ongoing success

A 7 Star Salon needs marketing that delivers consistently great results.

By the end of this module you'll have a strong marketing plan, aligned with your business goals, focused on omnipresence and positioned for growth.

For the first time you'll have a process for generating new clients when you need them - the rest of the time you'll be raising your profile and maximising profits. 

Two key processes are needed in every 7 Star Salon.

A process to recruit the best talent available and a process to coach that talent for extraordinary results.  Recruitment and performance management are the key words in this module.

We also explore the team beyond your payroll, maximising opportunities with outsourcing.

Get really clear on your 'why'.

In this module we unpack the reason for your business, nail down your ethos in a way that positions you as something unique, then position your branding so that you can attract customers and team members aligned with your values.

Your brand is SO much more than your logo!

Inconsistency can kill a business.

Your customers and team need to know they can rely on you for a consistently excellent standard of operation.  Systems deliver that consistency, both when you're there keeping an eye on things AND when you can't be.

In this module we build out a system ... for creating systems!

Discover the three levels of policies and procedures needed to ensure consistently excellent standards and learn how to create systems for your business in minutes - not days.

You just can't do it all yourself.  Not at this level.  And your business is vulnerable if you try to.

This module is all about the delegation, software and automation that can make your business sing.  No overwhelm though - even for the true control freak!

Most salons operate without a business plan or any kind of strategy.  Many have never put one together, unless they've been to the bank asking for finance.  Why is that?

Because most business plans don't get looked at.  They are dead documents.

Not any more!

For incredible growth, you need a great strategy and a plan that works for you.  In this module, we put one together.  You'll wonder how you ever managed without!

PLUS these unbelievable bonuses! 


Twice-weekly live coaching.  Share your plans for the week ahead and get every question answered. 

Build YOUR 7-Star salon.  Proven strategies and learning for your ongoing success


THREE free 1:1 calls with Phil to help you get the very most from your Accelerator training.

Build YOUR 7-Star salon.  Proven strategies and learning for your ongoing success


A place to hang out with a wonderful group of salon owners on the same journey as you.  You don't have to do this on your own!

Build YOUR 7-Star salon.  Proven strategies and learning for your ongoing success

Meet Phil Jackson

Building a successful business isn’t easy. I should know.

I’ve been running my own successful companies since 2001.  I’ve seen most things: resignations, recession, screaming customers.  We’re busy people, us small-business owners!

Coach, mentor, manager – even handyman!  It’s no wonder that enjoying my business got left out somewhere along the line.

I’ve enjoyed some great stuff along the way too: awards, recognition and (finally) financial freedom for me and my family.

Now as my business is at the stage that I can take a step back, I'm determined to help you master the skills you need to grow your business too, to finally generate the profits you deserve and to lead a fuller life.



Q and A calls are delivered on Zoom.
Core Content is delivered as recorded video content and worksheets, delivered to your membership area.

* 7 Star Strategy ensures you have a sound business plan in place for your continued success
* 7 Star Marketing bolsters your business with a 7 Star marketing and PR plan
* 7 Star Systems puts systems, policies and procedures in place to smooth your salon journey
* 7 Star Productivity helps you automate and delegate your everyday tasks, buying you time back in your day
* 7 Star Team helps with recruitment, performance management and targets for your team
* 7 Star Brand helps you clarify your branding, purpose and ethos to stand out in the marketplace

On joining, you'll also receive access to the Get Paid Properly program (on its own, worth £495) to ensure your financial targets and pricing are in place.  This foundation program helps ensure that everyone in the 7 Star Salon program is 'on the same page'.

PLUS you'll get access to Crystal Clear Goalsetting (on its own, worth £495) for the ultimate in clarity around building a business that supports your life goals, dreams and ambitions.

Each module stands alone - they may be presented in a different order depending on your joining date.

When you sign up for Salon Accelerator, you'll be invited to a 1:1 onboarding call to help you plan your journey through the Salon Accelerator program.

Q and A calls are on Mondays at 6:30pm (UK) and Fridays 7:30am (UK) to try and ensure everyone can access at least one call weekly.

Attendance is strongly encouraged.  This is a 6-month program: to make the most of our time together try to attend as much as you can.

Teaching content is recorded and each topic will be delivered a month at a time.  Q and A calls are not recorded but are streamed into the Salon Accelerator Facebook group.

You will be invited to subscribe as a Salon Accelerator graduate member which entitles you to have continued access to the recorded training materials and hot-seat coaching calls.

To get the most from the program you'll need to be realistically aiming to grow your turnover to between 250k and 1m, with short term goals of 100k+.  It doesn't matter where you are starting, but this goal should be something you're aiming to achieve within 2-3 years maximum.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss 1:1 coaching.  Email