Are you making these mistakes with your salon targets?

common mistakes with salon targets
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Are you making these common mistakes with salon targets?

Target setting is done infrequently, and certainly not well enough in most instances. When I start coaching a new salon, one of the first things that we go through is their performance management process.

I believe that sitting down with Team Members at least every month (and ideally every week) to report back to them on their performance, to set them a meaningful target and coaching them to achieve that target is the only way to longer-term success. People get overwhelmed unnecessarily by the entire performance management process.

Three common mistakes with salon targets

1. There isn’t a defined salon goal
– there are some salons who haven’t identify in monetary terms what they want the salon to achieve. It isn’t good enough to say that you want to “just do more this year than last year”. It’s not clear or specific and lacks meaning for your and your team.

2. Not reporting the Team progress in a meaningful way
– don’t confuse the Team with too many targets report their progress back to them regularly. You need to be sitting down with your Team and figure out exactly what it is you’re going to measure in your Salon.

3. Team targets and Salon targets MUST be linked together
– make sure that if everyone is hitting the target, you’re hitting the salon target too. Make use of your software to get the numbers that you need when checking your progress.


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