Ready to soar?  Exclusively for salon owners with
unstoppable ambition

One-to-One coaching with Salon Business Coach, Phil Jackson

Your personal path to salon business success

Set challenging, ambitious goals focused on the work that will actually grow your business.  With my unique goal-setting framework, my mentoring, support and  accountability you'll be striving confidently for extraordinary success.

Support, accountability and a pinch of common sense

Monthly coaching brings consistent growth for serious, ambitious salon owners.  Bring your questions and tap into a wealth of industry experience.  Come away with solutions and strategies you can take straight into your business. 

You can achieve more

I believe in you!  With the right strategy, support and determination I believe you CAN succeed.

Our experiences, our fixed ideas of what is possible and our lack of clarity hold us back.  It's my job to get you past that.

You CAN achieve more!

Salon Business Coach - Phil Jackson

Building a business isn’t easy.  I should know.

I’ve been running my own salon since 2001.  I’ve seen most things: resignations, recession, screaming customers.  We’re busy people, us salon owners.  Coach, mentor, manager – even plumber!  It’s no wonder that “salon marketer” got left out somewhere along the line.

I’ve enjoyed some great stuff in this industry too: awards, recognition and (finally) financial freedom for me and my family.

Now as my salon business is at the stage where I can take a step back, I'm determined to help you master the skills you need to grow your business too.  My salon owner coaching will help you finally generate the profits you deserve and lead a fuller life.

Salon business coach Phil Jackson from Build Your Salon

Ready to talk about salon coaching?

It's vital that we are a great fit - we're going to be working closely, after all.  

The next step is to book a free strategy call.  CHOOSE YOUR SLOT CAREFULLY as times cannot be rearranged - I only want to coach salon business owners who are ready for coaching and keen to begin.  Answer the quick questions below then select your slot for a call now.


1:1 coaching is the most intense coaching I offer and only for salon business owners with serious ambitions for success in the next 6 or 12 months.  Please don't be offended if I suggest this isn't the best time for you to sign up for 1:1 salon business coaching.

This is a 1:1 salon business coaching program.  You'll also receive free access my Salon Accelerator group coaching programs as a bonus.

Coaching calls are arranged for our mutual convenience and I can accommodate international call times.

As well as visits across the UK, I can also carry out regular visits in the US, Canada, across Europe and the Middle East.  Visits to anywhere requiring connecting flights from the UK are an option but may be less frequent.  We will discuss and agree this on our strategy call.

1:1 Coaching is the ultimate level of personalised strategy and support.  This is reflected in the investment.  I'll share current pricing and payment options on our call, but you should be ready to invest a 4 figure sum in your own success.

You will be invited to review your 1:1 coaching arrangement and I will be happy to advise on whether continued coaching would be of benefit.

To get the most from 1:1 coaching your turnover should be 100k+   If you aren't at that level but you are aiming for 100k+ 1:1 coaching can still work for you.  Most of my 1:1 clients have goals for between 250k and 1m+ turnover.