Staying motivated when you're the boss

When does demotivation creep in?

When you're starting up, it almost feels like you haven't got time to be demotivated. You're so focused on growing our businesses and getting so much done in a small amount of time that you rarely have time to feel demotivated.

And then something happens. There's a shift. Sometimes it's so subtle you barely notice the change.

As the business starts to stabilize and grow, our motivation starts to change a little. So where do we go wrong?

When your salon team is motivated - but the salon owner isn't

Well, I think part of the problem is that we try and motivate ourselves in the same way as we're motivating our team members. And that's a big mistake. Their experience of their day, and their experience of being in your business will be very different. They've got a different skill set and different goals. They're almost certainly at a very different career stage, maybe even a different life stage to you. So expecting the same thing to motivate both camps is expecting too much.

Incidentally, this works in both directions - I see a lot of salon owners get frustrated with team incentives that don't land. Often it's because the incentive is something you as the owner find motivating.

Acknowledge the differences and follow these three little tips that I have on how I keep myself motivated separately from my team.

Fall in love with your list

Firstly, I want you to fall in love with your list. We need to find a way of acknowledging the hard work that we're doing and celebrating those little wins through our days and weeks. If it's as simple as keeping a list of stuff that you need to achieve today and crossing those things off or using a bit of tech to turn it from red to green on your spreadsheet, then let's do it.

Celebrate those small wins. Pat yourself on the back regularly. Give yourself the rewards that you promised yourself when you set that goal in the first place, and watch your motivation levels rise.

Fall in love with their success

My second tip goes back to the team. I think we need to learn to fall in love with their success. We need to appreciate that when they're doing well, your business is doing well. I know that I've caught myself writing out a cheque for a huge commission and felt a little resentful, which is crazy. I priced my products and services properly. I know that the commission was priced in and that big cheque is a big win for the business, but it doesn't always feel that way.

Join in with their success. Celebrate their wins and try and use their wins to motivate us as business owners.

Build your network in the good times to help in the bad times

Finally, build a great support network NOW - don't wait until things are tough. When things are good in the business, if your network can get you more pumped, and more motivated, then we're going to be operating at peak performance and getting some amazing results for your salon business.

Build your network outside your business, away from your friends, and away from your family. Find a tribe that can celebrate your wins and who understands what you are up against.

I've tried to participate in communities like this on Facebook, but salon owners are social creatures. We need some face-to-face time, in person, or online. When you are networking, move your focus away from sales. Stop looking for people that could be potential customers in the future and start looking for people that you can meet for lunch once a month to offer some mutual support and understanding.