Get MORE from your salon accountant

Your salon accountant is your best friend?! I’ve had a salon for over 15 years.  We’ve had good years.  And of course, we’ve had bad years too.  Similarly, we’ve had good accountants, and terrible ones.  What took me a while was to realise there was a link.  Get your relationship with your salon accountant right…

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Commit Fully and Ignore Your Friends

Inspiration from The Tart with the Cart Poor old Molly Malone.  Dragging her wheelbarrow around Dublin and shouting herself hoarse, only to die with a fever.  Is she remembered for her shellfish entrepreneurial skills?  Her sense of purpose?  Nope.  She’s commemorated with a saucy statue and is known locally as The Tart with the Cart. I was…

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Salon Recruitment 101

Salon recruitment with Salon Coach Phil Jackson

Salon recruitment isn’t as tough as you’re making it! Hello and Welcome.  I’m going to start today with a little bit of a marketing lesson for you, and it’s going to sound obvious.  Bear with me, there is a message which is relevant to salon recruitment coming up very soon.  The message that I have…

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Do you even deserve success?

Salon Success for hair and beauty salons with UK business coach Phil Jackson

Salon success and the curse of entitlement This week’s blog may feel harsh.  Nobody likes to think they’re lazy about their salon success.  This is the wake-up call nobody wants to hear.  But I hope you will see that it comes from a place of love.  Of respect.  And of wanting our industry to improve…

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The ONLY opinion that matters is from your customer

You can listen to this episode and download its MP3 FREE here:

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The most IMPORTANT measure for salon success

  The free target-setting cheat sheet is here: You can listen to this episode and download its MP3 FREE here: SUMMARY Hello and welcome, and it’s that time of the year again. Everybody is talking about setting targets for their Salon and for their team, we’re talking appraisals and performance management. So, I thought it was…

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Sell MORE in Your Salon

You can listen to this episode and download its MP3 FREE here: SUMMARY Hello and welcome, today we’re going to tear apart your sales technique and put it back together hopefully in a way which is going to help you improve your results for yourself and your Salon.  I am happy to point out some areas…

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Why are your salon clients ignoring you on Facebook?

It’s about Facebook Engagement There was a time when having a salon Facebook page was enough, much like having a website was enough.  These days, the grail is Facebook engagement and a lot of salon owners and managers are struggling.  Let me share where I think you may be going wrong and give a couple of ideas…

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Thinking of SELLING your SALON?

Thinking of selling your salon? With UK Salon Coach Phil Jackson

For lots of us it’s part of our long term goal to be able to put the Salon up for sale and retire on the proceeds or get the Salon to the stage where it’s running itself, and live off the profits. The sad reality is that lots of salon owners finish up by selling second-hand furniture.

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Who is in control in YOUR salon?

Performance Management in Salons - With UK Salon Coach Phil Jackson

You can listen to this episode on performance management and download its MP3 FREE here: SUMMARY Hello and welcome.  How do you feel when you think about your Salon and your Salon team?  When you think about your week ahead?  Are you excited and motivated, or is there a part of you which is a little…

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