Fresh ideas for your salon – where do you get yours?

fresh ideas for your salon

Generating fresh ideas for your salon is what KEEPS your Salon business a success! You need to keep up with the latest trends, be aware of what your market is looking for and always search for new ideas if you want your business to outlast the competition. It’s not easy starting a business and it’s…

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Looking for new ideas for your Salon business?

changes in your salon business

Don’t make any changes in your Salon business just for the sake of it I see this time and time again with the businesses that I’ve visited as a Salon Coach. By all means, look for ideas to improve your experience running your salon. Only make those changes that will make you further towards your…

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Are you making these mistakes with your salon targets?

common mistakes with salon targets

Are you making these common mistakes with salon targets? Target setting is done infrequently, and certainly not well enough in most instances. When I start coaching a new salon, one of the first things that we go through is their performance management process. I believe that sitting down with Team Members at least every month…

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Handling dismissals at your Salon


When it’s time to sack salon staff It’s a sad reality that if you have a salon team, at some stage you’ll probably need to dismiss somebody or terminate their employment.  I would love to say that after over 17 or 18 years of Salon ownership, it gets easier to sack salon staff, and it…

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How your Salon Accountant should be helping you

salon acounting

Having a degree in Banking and Finance still doesn’t mean I do the Salon Accounting in my own Salon. I have been a Hairdresser and a Salon Owner for quite a while, but I really believe in delegating to an expert.  As well as being a salon coach and mentor you’ll appreciate, I’m sure, that…

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Good news if you’re struggling with Salon Social Media

struggling salon social media

Are you struggling with Salon Social Media? Social Media can be a good source of high-quality clients, especially in our industry. Yet many business owners find their salon social media can be more than a little overwhelming. I understand why.  We bought into the belief that we had to do everything!  When I started my…

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Do you need to delegate more in your salon business?

Learn form my mistakes - says salon business coach Phil Jackson

  Aside from being a Salon Mentor and Coach, I also own a Hair Salon in the South of England. And if I’m being honest, I have been neglectful on my Salon business.  I took my eye off the ball. I moved away from the Salon business into the coaching space and I didn’t replace…

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Protect your investment: Training Agreements for your Salon Team

training agreement

A Salon Training Agreement is a contract between you and a Team Member.  They agree to pay back some or all the value of a training course should they leave in a period following the training. In my Salon, a training agreement lasts for 18 months. I run them on a reducing balance.  If you…

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Setting targets in your Salon

setting targets in your salon

Setting targets in your salon isn’t easy But it is important to communicate to your Staff what it is expected to them. Take some time to think it through.  What exactly do you need each member of your team to accomplish?  That also includes support staff too.   Two common problems I see in setting…

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Do you need a Salon Blog?

salon blog

Social Media has replaced a lot of things in our modern lives. The rules of English Grammar, warmth, and authenticity in our human relationships and the need to research something before we pass it on have all gone by the wayside. But one thing I’ve wrongly predicted would decline – BLOGGING. There are still millions of…

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