They unsubscribed – my life is over

UK Salon Coach wants to help with your salon email marketing

You’re stressing unnecessarily. In fact, unsubscribes are good news … I promise!

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Where did all the stylists go? Part 1: How NOT to tackle salon recruitment!

Hair salon recruitment with UK salon business coach Phil Jackson

Salon recruitment the hard way It’s been a tough year as far as staff turnover goes.  And it seems our industry is getting tough as far as salon recruitment goes too.  I’ve always been really proud of Bravo’s low staff turnover, but in 2014 I had to eat my words.  We lost 3 stylists and one apprentice…

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Thank you Stroppy Cow of Newbury

There’s nothing I hate more than receiving salon complaints, but here’s a great example of how you CAN polish a turd and get a great result from the most disappointing start.  I got an email complaint from a mum who was angry that I’d refused an appointment for her 12 year old daughter for foil…

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