Getting More Done

Busy and overwhelmed is a default state for many of us and it hinders us from getting more done. Have you ever dreamt of doing less work but still winning in life? It is possible and it can happen if you focus on vital things in your life. When you’re feeling overwhelmed you become unreasonable.…

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Salon Pricing – are your services too CHEAP?

Get your salon pricing right with coach Phil Jackson

What happens when you realise that your charging for services that are just too cheap? A lot of salon businesses have salon pricing that isn’t making them enough profit to grow their business. Time and again, I’ve been getting coaching questions on what salon owners can do about their pricing. These salon owners are scared…

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Staying Motivated When You’re The Boss

In previous videos, I’ve talked to you about how to motivate your team and recruit the best people to help grow your business. But this video will be different.  I’ll talk more about how we can shift the focus and help you stay motivated. Motivation is one of the key aspects of succeeding in any…

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Getting Started With Salon Appraisals

Salon Appraisals with Phil Jackson

Salon appraisals are important in ensuring that you’re running an effective and efficient salon team. Appraisals are 1-on-1 discussions between you and the staff and usually done on an annual basis. The big reason why appraisals are important is that it allows you to align your business goals with your team’s performance. As salon owners…

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Boost Your Salon Profits With Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing with business coach Phil Jackson

I spend most of my time traveling and consulting with salon owners. Most of these clients ask for good,  profitable financial strategies. In this video, I will talk about tiered pricing and how you should leverage this tool to get better profits, give more value to your customers and provide your employees with a better…

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What if your “One Thing” is the WRONG thing?

Phil Jackson, Business Coach asks: "What if your One Thing is the wrong thing"?

Is it the RIGHT “One Thing”? We get the same message again and again.  Know your “one thing”.  Focus, and stay focused.  Be determined.  When everyone else makes 10 calls, make 20.  Stay the course.  Commit fully and never give up. But surely, there has to come a time when you question whether your “one…

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Want to feel fulfilled? Give your money away!

business coach phil jackson helps you feel fulfilled

How do the titans feel fulfilled? I do a LOT of non-fiction reading (you can find out how I read at least one book a week here).  I love reading the biographies of entrepreneurs and leaders.  And naturally you start to see recurring themes in their message.  One very subtle theme that crops up again…

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Why small businesses fail

business is failing

Why do small businesses fail? You have invested everything in your business.  Time, energy, money.  What can possibly go wrong? Most businesses don’t make it through their first year and even fewer can make it through their next three years. The people who call me fall in two categories: the ones who want to take…

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Boost your productivity with Self- care


Let’s move the topic from your business and let’s focus on the benefits of self-care.   I do a yearly coaching seminar called Crystal Clear Goal Setting. Its aim is to get a group of small business owners together to set their goals for the year. We talk about their finances, marketing plan and plan…

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Overcoming procrastination

overcoming procrastination

I can help you in overcoming procrastination and getting more things done. Are you: 1. An expert at putting off and delaying things? 2. Brilliant at doing the fun stuff first?  But leaving no motivation and energy for the things you’re supposed to do? 3. Running your life in a panic mode for a lot…

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