How to improve salon retail – if you’re starting with ZERO!

How to improve salon retail- if you're starting with ZERO

Stocking a range of professional salon retail products is great – but what if you’re team just won’t sell?  How is your salon retail?  Is it a strong part of your salon strategy?  Or are sales poor?  Even ZERO?  Take a look – I might just be able to help! Why won’t they SELL?! Team…

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What do you do about Staff on a Salon Snow Day?

What do you do about Staff on a Salon Snow Day

What do you do about Staff on a Salon Snow Day? OK.  We don’t cope well with the snow here in my part of the UK, problem is, it happens so infrequently that it’s hard to justify investment in snow precautions.  So this week hit hard.  Lots of customers and staff struggling to make their…

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Salon Team Meetings 101

Why hold salon team meetings at all? In every salon, there is an agenda.  A set of goals and objectives that every salon team is striving for.  Problem is, if you’re not communicating the agenda, not holding salon team meetings, not moving your team towards the salon goals, the team will set their own agenda.…

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Home/Salon Partnerships – A Recipe for Disaster?

Making Salon Partnerships work with Salon Coach Phil Jackson

Can home/salon partnerships work? Working and living with the same person.  A dream come true or a nightmare waiting to happen?  How can we run our salon partnerships and our relationships successfully when your partner at home is also your partner in the business?  Home/salon partnerships are quite a common feature of our industry, and if you…

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Delegation, Outsourcing and Control in your Salon Business

Delegation, Outsourcing and Control in your Salon Business

Is your salon business out of (your) control? Today I want you to take back some of the control in your salon business.  There’s been a real buzz word around our industry for quite a few years now, and that buzz word has been outsourcing.  Problem is, I think we may have gone a little bit…

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How to survive Salon Trade Shows

How to survive industry trade shows - with salon coach Phil Jackson

Salon Trade Shows – An opportunity or a waste of time? Our industry is served by a small but stable number of salon trade shows.  There have been experiments in timing and format, more recently in location too.  But they usually have one thing in common: they can either be a massive help or a…

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Salon Retail Techniques to Boost Your Profits

Salon Retail with Salon Coach Phil Jackson

Salon Retail – Why Bother? I won’t patronise you by listing the reasons our suppliers and manufacturers give us for salon retail.  Let’s just say that from a salontrepreneur’s point of view, it’s your job to: Maximise customer spend, and Sweat every available asset in your business So today I’ll assume you know WHY you…

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Your Salon Website 5 Point Healthcheck

Build Your Salon Website Checker

Are you neglecting your salon website? I’ve had a rough week.  My salon website was hacked.  So of course step 1 is to have a nose around – see what everyone else is doing.  I’ve got to tell you I’ve been shocked! These are my favourite videos to shoot.  Quite simply I can’t be accused…

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Salon business ideas – Where to find them?

Where to find salon business ideas - from salon business coach Phil Jackson

But stealing is bad, right? I think that innovation is essential for the long term success of your salon.  But where can we find salon business ideas when we need them?  Where is YOUR muse hiding? You can listen to this episode and download its MP3 FREE here:   OK, I probably don’t mean ‘steal’. Borrow,…

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Salon memberships – Could they work for YOU?

Could salon memberships work for you?

Salon Memberships are on the rise – could they work for you? I’ve had a salon membership scheme in my own salon for nearly four years.  What’s more, I’ve been helping other salon owners with their own schemes too.  That’s because I truly believe salon memberships make great business sense.  In this video, I explain the…

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