Salon Retail – How much *should* you stock?

Boost Salon Retail profitability by measuring your speed of sale

Let me start by saying: I have misgivings about salon retail. I’m really not convinced that carrying professional products for retail sale is the amazing financial boost to your business that our manufacturers and suppliers want us to believe in. First, I question the reasons salons give for carrying professional retail. “Because we want to…

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Procrastination – maybe it’s NOT about beating yourself up?

Salon coach Phil Jackson explores why you may need a new approach to tackling procrastination

Oh, the irony! I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since I recorded any new content. So I’m writing about procrastination. The very hypocrisy! Apologies for that. I feel like I’ve let you wonderful salon owners and managers down very badly. Thing is, a bad hiring decision paired with my tendency to massively over-react resulted…

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Getting stuff done, royally.

Getting Things Done with Implementation Queen Phil Jackson

I have been called many things … Some cruel, some kind and some I choose to assume are kind.  Only because figuring out how they were intended might hurt my brain.  But one that sticks with me and that I’m very proud of was being called “The Implementation Queen” at one of my business groups.  Ignore…

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Salon team meetings. Why bother? And how do you keep them positive?

OK – I’ll admit it.  For the first few years of owning my salon, my salon staff meetings were pretty awful. Thing is, I had only worked in one salon previously.  And in my whole time there, I can recall only two full salon staff meetings.  They were about a year apart but had a familiar…

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[INTERVIEW] Working ON your business (with Adam Turner)

Work on your business with Business coach and salon marketing expert Phil Jackson

What does “Work On Your Business” even mean? There’s a lot of advice out there.  Some of it great.  Some of it . . . questionable.  And even old adages sometimes fly in the face of common sense or best practice.  As salon owners we are old again and again to “Work ON your business,…

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Free salon software – too good to be true?

Free Salon Software with Phil Jackson, Business Coach and Salon Marketing Expert

Is free salon software REALLY free? OK.  I admit it.  I’m a bit of a geek.  Latest gadgets?  No – they’re must-haves.  Digital currency, Alexa, Siri – bring it on.  Computer implant behind my ear?  Sign me up.  I love technology and I can honestly lose hours staring at spreadsheets.  So it’s no surprise that…

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Is your team sabotaging your success?

Is team sabotage ruining your success? With salon marketing expert Phil Jackson

Dealing with team sabotage? Have you had to deal with an employee who tries and sabotages all your efforts? And no matter what you say, this employee will always find a way to undermine you?  Some people on your team might find your decisions as a manager or business owner inconvenient for them.  But this…

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Getting More Done

Busy and overwhelmed is a default state for many of us and it hinders us from getting more done. Have you ever dreamt of doing less work but still winning in life? It is possible and it can happen if you focus on vital things in your life. When you’re feeling overwhelmed you become unreasonable.…

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Staying Motivated When You’re The Boss

In previous videos, I’ve talked to you about how to motivate your team and recruit the best people to help grow your business. But this video will be different.  I’ll talk more about how we can shift the focus and help you stay motivated. Motivation is one of the key aspects of succeeding in any…

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Boost Your Salon Profits With Tiered Pricing

Tiered pricing with business coach Phil Jackson

I spend most of my time traveling and consulting with salon owners. Most of these clients ask for good,  profitable financial strategies. In this video, I will talk about tiered pricing and how you should leverage this tool to get better profits, give more value to your customers and provide your employees with a better…

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